Cadell – Featured Township of the Mid Murray Region

The Mid Murray Council region is shaped by its diverse people and townships, that includes wineries, farming, culture, history and all things that make this region a treasure in the eyes of locals and visitors.

  • Big Bend
  • Blanchetown
  • Bowhill, Cadell
  • Cambrai
  • Keyneton
  • Mannum
  • Morgan
  • Nildottie
  • Palmer
  • Purnong
  • Sedan
  • Swan Reach
  • Truro
  • Tungkillo
  • Walker Flat.

Cadell is known for the best dried apricots in the Riverland region.

Roadside stalls also offer up tasty dried
nectarines and plums.

Experience spectacular views from the riverside picnic area on the Murray, and a natural cliff amphitheatre at Graham Claxton Reserve.

Ride on the Cadell ferry known as the most famous ferry in Australia.

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