Fast and Furious Lockdown

We had a scare in South Australia in November with a fast and furious lockdown that took everyone by surprise. One day all is well, and the next everyone is scrambling to get somewhere or buy something to prepare from the overnight shock announcement.

Here we go again. But, as soon it was here, it was over. I think many of us were confused.

I was planning to spend time with my mother in what was announced as a hot spot. That abruptly got cancelled. Next was to contact family members who live nearby her and make sure she was set for the next six or more days with groceries.

I felt a bit panicky for the first few hours, which I’m sure many people did. Then came the realisation that South Australia could be heading into a second wave.

I think it brings home the fact that we can’t be complacent about this virus. We are not immune, and it’s still out there. For how long? Who knows!

Carol Carini – Managing Editor

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