What is the main purpose of our memory? It”s primary purpose is our survival. The by-product is having memories of happy times and sad times to recall and relive.

Our memory is our capability to learn and adapt from previous experiences. Remembering is the process of recalling previous experiences and learned skills and facts, enabling us to make valued decisions in any given moment based on knowledge gleaned from our past.

Our memories shape the concept of who we are in this world. Without memory, we are no-one, we have no identity; we do not know where we belong.

Without memory, every moment is Groundhog Day. We will repeat the same thing over and over again without any awareness of having done it before.

Without memory, our very survival is in danger. Memory is the most precious aspect of who we are, and this alone is why we need to do everything we can to preserve our memories.

Each month I will be presenting tips on how to enhance and preserve your memory, and an explanation of why each process is valuable and worthwhile.

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