My Aged Care

Navigating The System

Living independently in your own home can become more difficult as you get older.
There’s nothing worse than not knowing how something works — or trying to understand something that seems so foreign to you, and your family give up.

No one pretends that it’s easy to navigate the Aged Care system. That’s where Mid Murray Support Service Inc comes into your life. They are experts in how to understand the
workings of this mind-blowing process.

When you and your family decide it’s time to pursue home assistance, your next best step is to call Mid Murray Support Service Inc. They will help you unravel the confusing system in plain-speaking language with easy to follow processes available so you can get the home services you need.

Mid Murray Support Service is a local provider of Home Support Services delivering to community members living independently from Ponde to Swan Reach, Mannum to
Tungkillo, Cambrai and Sedan. Services may also be available in other areas, call MMSS on 08 8569 2129 for further information.

Two Levels of Support for Help at Home

Entry-Level Support or CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Programme)

If you are able to manage most jobs around your home or generally cope independently, and only need support with a few tasks, you may be eligibleto receive subsidised services through CHSP.

Click here for more about the Commonwealth Home Support Programme


More Complex Care or HCP (Home Care Package – brokerage)

Home Care Packages are to help individuals with greater and more complex needs. If you require many different types of care and support on a longer term, or ongoing basis, you may be eligible for a Home Care Package.

Click here for more about Home Care Packages


MMSS can help you with your Home Care Package services if you as the consumer request your package provider to arrange this. This is called Consumer Directed Care where MMSS would be brokered to undertake the service for you. There are some benefits to this, particularly for Mid Murray and Mannum residents where, as a local provider, MMSS may be able to supply your services more efficiently leaving more funds available in your package to maximise supports.

Mid Murray Support Service Inc can assist you with your enquiry about either service. Call one of our friendly staff at MMSS on 08 859 2129 between 10 am and 4.00 pm Monday to Friday.

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Mid Murray Support Service Inc
71 Randell St, Mannum 5238

Phone: (08) 8569 2129

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