Plants Galore in Mannum

It’s that time of the year when we pull out are garden gloves, and tools and start our Winter planting.

Our garden is flourishing, and the forty or so trees we planted on our property are going gangbusters. But I have to say we had a little help from Tim.

Every Saturday and Sunday from 8 am until 6 pm or later in Randell street, Mannum next to the Pretoria Hotel, Tim and his team of green thumbs get ready for the hoards of customers
coming from near and far to snatch up their booty of plants.

Many visitors to ‘Down To Earth Plant Sales’ are returning garden groups who can’t get enough of Tim’s plants. Or visitors to the area who can’t believe their luck when they see the ‘Huge Plant Sale’ sign on the fence. Talking with Tim, I found out people travel from all over South Australia to buy his plants.

The prices are excellent, from $2 with many plants going for $3. And the
quality and selection are impressive.

Visit Mannum on the weekends and check-in with Tim and his team. Their knowledge of the plants is extensive, and you’ll always feel informed after chatting with them.

‘Down To Earth Plant Sales’ Facebook Page

Contact Tim on 0438 411 110

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